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‘Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide’
- Napoléon Bonaparte

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'Improving the quality of our decisions begins with the development of a conscious awareness of the ways in which our biases can impact upon individual and organisational decision-making'
- Dr. Seth Nicholls

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'Is it worth trying to teach people to become better decision makers? I think the answer is a resounding yes because the only way that people can purposefully influence their lives is through decision-making'
- Ralph Keeney

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'Decision making is a skill. Like any other, it can be developed over time with the right information, training and practice'
- Dr. Seth Nicholls

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Welcome to
Nicholls Consulting Services

The goal of Nicholls Consulting Services is simple: to help you achieve better outcomes in your professional and personal life by providing you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make better decisions.

Good decision-making is the foundation of individual and organisational success and the only thing over which any of us have any control. And yet, peculiarly, decision-making is something in which very few of people are trained.

As the environment in which individuals and organisations operate becomes more competitive, complex and uncertain, good decisions are more important than ever. But what is a good decision and how do you know that you’ve made one? And how can you improve the quality of the decisions that you make in both your professional and personal life?

Drawing on insights from the fields of Decision Analysis (pioneered at Stanford University) as well as leading international research, Nicholls Consulting Services aims to provide busy professionals and others with a practical, working knowledge of how to begin making better decisions in a short space of time; knowledge that can be used to immediately improve your individual performance, add value and contribute to your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives. To find out how Nicholls Consulting Services can improve your performance and add value to your organisation, visit our courses and services page or call 0431 857 008.

Nicholls Consulting Services can also help individuals who are confronted with with the need to make an important personal or professional decision - but are unsure how to proceed - to make the best possible choice. For a confidential, obligation free consultation, call 0431 857 008.

Why is the Development of
Decision-Making skills so Important?

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March 21, 2018 | Darwin, NT - Improve your decision-making: knowledge, skills and tools to achieve better outcomes.

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“Seth was very engaging and knew the subject matter extremely well using relevant and topical examples to convey the ideas. A number of new and novel concepts were presented that opened our minds to different ways of approaching wicked problems. The facilitated group interactions were of great value.”

-Brett Smith, CEO, Cradle Coast Authority, Tasmania

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