Strategic Decision-Making for the Professional

Skills and Tools for Superior Results

High-quality decision-making is crucial to personal, professional and business success. While good decisions maximise the likelihood of achieving the outcome that you want, bad decisions can be costly and difficult to reverse.

Perfect for individuals, teams, or organisations as a whole, this fully online, self-paced short course has been specifically designed to enhance your ability to make high-quality personal, professional and business decisions.

By providing you with the ‘what you need to know’ from the field of strategic decision-making, it rapidly equips you with actionable knowledge that can help you maximise the likelihood of achieving your objectives in any situation, without having to distill such insights from an exhaustive study of decision science.

To begin learning how to make better decisions immediately, click ‘Register’. To preview or learn more, see below. If you are a training manager and would like to enquire about how strategic decision training can help your staff or organisation as a whole get superior results in your industry or sector, please contact us.


Course Details

Key Benefits
  • Dramatically increase your chances of getting what you want both personally and professionally
  • Avoid bad decisions that can be costly and difficult to reverse
  • Future proof and advance your career by acquiring a unique, high value skill set that sets you apart from the rest
  • Develop a practical, useful skill that contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Make decisions with the confidence that you’re making the right call
  • Acquire a potentially decisive strategic advantage in your industry or sector 
  • Provide high-quality advice to colleagues, staff, friends, family and others
  • Learn how to innovate and respond creatively to complex problems 
  • Strengthen your capacity and credentials as a professional
  • Inspire those around you by developing the confidence of someone who knows – and can explain why – they chose the right course of action
  • Lead more effectively by knowing how to systematically determine the best option or course of action in any situation
Course Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Approach future decisions with an understanding of what constitutes a high-quality decision
  • Contribute more effectively to your organisation’s capacity to achieve its objectives through higher quality decision-making
  • Improve the quality of your short, medium and long term decisions by developing your ‘decision fitness’
  • Improve your individual performance and add value to your organisation by consistently making better decisions
What you will receive
  • The equivalent of one full day of engaging, interactive training that will enable you to begin making better professional and personal decisions immediately
  • A fully referenced, practical, 10,000-word E-Book that can be used to help guide your decision-making well into the future
  • Strategic Decisions and Recommendations Checklist (a highly effective tool when confronted with decisions of critical importance)
  • Certificate of completion
Course Structure
  • Why Develop Your Decision-Making Skills and What is a High-Quality Decision?
  • What’s the Problem? The Centrality and Importance of Framing
  • Achieving Objectives: The Power of Alignment and Critical Action
  • Generating Creative, High-Quality Options
  • Creating a Solid Foundation: The Importance and Value of Good Information
  • Strategic Decision-Making in the Real World: Tips and Tools for Superior Results
Who Should Attend

This course is designed for a wide variety of professionals who are interested in acquiring practical knowledge, skills and tools to make better decisions in their professional and personal lives.

Delivery Method
Fully Online, Self Paced

Time Commitment
Approx. 8 hours

Access Period
60 Days

(inc. GST)


Still, why should I invest in this training?

Put simply, decison-making is the only thing over which you have any control. And yet, it is something that you probably haven’t been trained how to do. While our strategic decision training is likely to help you to make better decisions for many years to come, if it helps you to get only one major personal or professional decision right (or avoid getting one major decision wrong), it will have paid for itself many times over. And with well over 90% of participants surveyed saying that our courses provided them with knowledge, skills and tools needed to make better decisions, you can rest assured that learning how to make good decisions is likely to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Register Now.

Explained decision-making

Nicholls Consulting explained why we make the decisions the way we do, and provided us with wonderful strategies to make better strategic decisions going forward (with far more confidence). Dr. Nicholls’ engaging style and relatability also gave me the ability to apply the same strategies to achieve better results in my personal life.

-Matthew Dew, General Manager, SA & WA, SMAART Recruitment

Opened our eyes to new possibilities

We couldn’t have put together such a good plan if it wasn’t for Nicholls Consulting. They opened our eyes to better systems and processes for us and our clients. If you’re thinking about using these guys, I highly recommend them.

-Mark Kirk, Director, SEOMarketer

Unique, practical skill set

Thought provoking and inspiring. This course equipped me with practical skills and insights which I have not gained from other programs. I am confident that I will be able to apply this knowledge immediately in my role as an executive reporting to a board.

-Aaron Bawden, Registrar, Victorian Pharmacy Authority