Work in the Public Sector?

Feel like your agency could be doing better?

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As someone who is working in a public sector agency, your ultimate goal is to deliver public value.

The only way you can purposefully achieve this is through the decisions that you, your team, your unit, and your agency make… 


The problem is that…

Decision-making in the public sector is complexmultilayered and challenging….

While trying to deliver services and/or find solutions to some of society’s most complex and difficult problems, you’re grappling with:

• Organisational politics

• Analytical complexity

• Time constraints

You’re also having to contend with the need for high levels of:

• Transparency

• Accountability

• Oversight

And all of this as the environment in which public sector organisations operate becomes more competitive, complex, uncertain and resource constrained


Cut through the organisational noise and bring clarity and order to the chaos of the day-to-day 

The need for individuals, teams, units and public sector agencies to make good decisions is more important than ever – but also more challenging.


Our courses in strategic decision-making have been specifically created to respond to the challenges above, by helping you and your agency:

• PROACTIVELY RESPOND to the analytical, organisational, and administrative complexity and uncertainty that you are confronted with on a daily basis

• TAKE CONTROL, get clear, focus on what’s important, and prioritise

• Bring CLARITY and ORDER to the chaos of decision-making

LOGICALLY DETERMINE the best policy option or course of action in a given situation

• Develop CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE solutions to ‘wicked’ policy and administrative problems 

• MOVE FORWARD WITH THE CONFIDENCE of someone who knows – and can explain why – they chose the right course of action

• REDUCE THE STRESS that so often accompanies policy and adminstrative decision-making in the public sector

• ACHIEVE SUPERIOR RESULTS – for yourself, your clients, your customers and your stakeholders – by consistently making high quality, defensible decisions


Since 2016, we’ve helped public sector professionals from more than 40 government agencies Australia-wide achieve superior results and solve complex policy, administrative, and organisational problems by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make better decisions.

Agencies we have assisted include:

All of whom have discovered the benefits of developing this important, game-changing skill.

93% of participants surveyed in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory say our strategic decision training provided them with skills and tools to make better decisions in the future

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