Welcome to Nicholls Consulting 

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve superior business, professional and personal outcomes by providing you and your staff with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make decisions strategically.

Good decision-making is the foundation of individual, organisational and business success and the only thing over which any of us have any control. And yet, peculiarly, decision-making is something in which very few of people are trained.

As the environment in which individuals, businesses and other organisations operate becomes more competitive, complex and uncertain, the need to make good decisions is more important than ever. But what is a good decision and how do you know that you’ve made one? And how can you improve the quality of the decisions made by yourself, your business or your organisation?

Drawing on insights from the fields of Decision Analysis (pioneered at Stanford University) as well as leading international research, Nicholls Consulting Services provides busy professionals and others with a practical, working knowledge of how to begin making better decisions in a short space of time; knowledge that can be used to immediately improve your individual performance and contribute to your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives.

To find out how Nicholls Consulting Services can improve your performance and that of your organisation, visit the course pages for your sector or get in touch with us for a chat about your needs.

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Our Facilitators

Dr. Seth Nicholls

Dr. Seth Nicholls is a policy and decision strategist and the Director of Nicholls Consulting Services. Over the past 16 years, Dr. Nicholls has worked extensively in academia (as a lecturer in international relations, political science and public policy); as well as in state and federal government (as a policy and project officer) and as a consultant to the South Australian, Victorian, Tasmanian and Northern Territory public sectors. During this time, Seth has also assisted a number of companies with important, high stakes decisions.

Dr. Nicholls’ work has been published in high quality, peer reviewed journals and he holds a PhD in political economy and public policy (with a research focus on high impact policy decisions) from the University of Adelaide, along with a professional certificate in Strategic Decision-Making and Risk Management from Stanford University.

Seth is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals through a better understanding of decision-making processes and has a strong desire to help organisations in the public, private and non-government sectors effectively respond to a wide variety of complex problems. For more information on Dr. Nicholls’ background, go to LinkedIn.

Ms Cheree Taylor

Cheree Taylor is a skilled, engaging and highly accomplished facilitator with a background in education, psychology and business. She is passionate about helping individuals, companies and not-for-profit organisations make the best possible decisions and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in organisational culture, change management, leadership and the role of emotional intelligence in decision-making.

Cheree is particularly interested in the relationship between organisational culture, organisational decision quality and the ‘unwritten rules’ of leadership. She has successfully designed and led training programs for a wide variety of organisations both in Australia and internationally.

Cheree holds degrees in Psychology and Education along with an MBA from the University of South Australia. Her presentations are lively, informative, entertaining and practical.

Dr. Hammad Siddiqi

Hammad Siddiqi has many years of research and teaching experience in multiple business fields. He has published widely including in leading journals. His research on decision-making biases has achieved both academic and industry recognition, and has been featured in MBA level textbooks as well as industry magazines. He also writes on policy matters for general audience. He has won a number of research grants, and has consulted for Department of Finance for International Development, Mercy Corps, and the World Bank.

Prior to academia, he has worked for various international banks, and this familiarity with both practitioner and academic perspectives has shaped his view of teaching and learning. He has been involved in the design and implementation of new study programs over the years, and has been a recipient of multiple outstanding instructor awards for his teaching. Apart from Australia, he has taught in USA, South Asia, and New Zealand. He is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Business at University of the Sunshine Coast. His previous academic appointments were at the University of Otago, the University of Queensland, LUMS, and Northern Illinois University.