Strategic Decision-Making for the Project Management Professional

Knowledge and Tools for Project Success

Decision-making plays a crucial role in every aspect of project management, and project managers are routinely required to make decisions in the face of both complexity and uncertainty; decisions on which the success or failure of a project can depend. Indeed, the consequences of poor project management decisions can be costly, far reaching and difficult to reverse.

In partnership with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), this course has been created to help you maximise the likelihood of project success by equipping you with knowledge, skills and tools that can help to ensure that decisions made at every stage of a project are the right ones; as well as respond creatively to the problems that inevitably arise during project execution.

Perfect for both individuals and teams, this course is designed to rapidly and cost-effectively equip you and/or your team with a practical, working knowledge of how to ensure that the right decisions are made during the course of a given project.

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Course Details

Key Benefits
  • Maximise the likelihood of project success
  • Ensure that decisions made at every stage of a project are the right ones
  • Learn how to respond creatively to the problems that inevitably arise during different phases of a project
  • Strengthen your capacity and credentials as a project professional
  • Avoid bad decisions that can be costly and difficult to reverse
  • Inspire those around you by developing the confidence of someone who knows – and can explain why – they chose the right course of action
  • Lead more effectively by knowing how to systematically determine the best option or course of action in any situation
Course Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Approach future decisions with an understanding of what constitutes a high-quality decision
  • Recognise and avoid key biases and decision traps that can reduce the likelihood of project success
  • Frame major project decisions in a way that maximises the probability of project success’
  • Consciously align project decisions and actions with organisational objectives
  • Identify the variables to which project success and failure are most sensitive
  • Identify creative, high-quality options
  • Improve the quality of your professional and personal decisions by developing your ‘decision fitness’
What you will receive
  • The equivalent of one full day of engaging, interactive training that will enable you to begin making better professional and personal decisions immediately
  • A fully referenced, practical, 10,000-word E-Book that can be used to help guide your decision-making well into the future
  • Strategic Decisions and Recommendations Checklist (a highly effective tool when confronted with decisions of critical importance)
  • Certificate of completion
Course Structure
  • Why Develop Your Decision-Making Skills and What is a High-Quality Decision?
  • What’s the Problem? The Centrality and Importance of Framing
  • Achieving Objectives: The Power of Alignment and Critical Action
  • Generating Creative, High-Quality Options
  • Creating a Solid Foundation: The Importance and Value of Good Information
  • Strategic Decision-Making in the Real World: Tips and Tools for Superior Results
Who Should Attend
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Project Officers
  • Project Officers
  • Project Related Professionals

Delivery Method
Fully Online, Self Paced

Time Commitment
Approx. 8 hours

Access Period
60 Days

(inc. GST)


A Project Management Course with a Difference

This program is a product of our many years of experience training project managers in the science of strategic decision-making. In the course of delivering our acclaimed Strategic Decision-Making for the Professional to a wide variety of professionals, we observed that a large proportion of those who attended were project managers, and that this particular professional group found that the material helped them to make better decisions as a professional. As an adaptation of that program, this course is designed to equip you with a robust, evidence-based framework for making decisions strategically, as well as provide you with tools that can help you to apply the strategic decision-making skills that you’ve acquired in your role as a project manager.

This program can assist you with decision-making related to the uncertainty, stakeholder, team, planning and delivery project performance domains (PMBOK Guide 7th Edition).