Strategic Decision-Making for the Public Sector Professional: Skills and Tools for Superior Results

Course Overview

Strategic Decision-Making for the Public Sector Professional equips you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make better policy, administrative, business and personal decisions. It also provides you with a decision-making framework that can help you to avoid making bad decisions, the consequences of which can be costly and difficult to reverse.

Perfect for individuals, teams, or agencies as a whole, this fully online, self-paced course provides you with the equivalent of a full day of engaging, high-quality training that will enable you to maximise the likelihood of achieving the outcome that you want in any situation. It also provides you with the flexibility to develop a life-changing skill set when and how you want to, and can be listened to via audio while driving, commuting, exercising, or anywhere else with internet access.

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Course Details

Benefits to You
  • Proactively respond to the analytical, organisational, and administrative complexity you are confronted with on a daily basis
  • Inspire those around you by developing the confidence of someone who knows – and can explain why – they chose the right course of action
  • Lead more effectively by knowing how to systematically determine the best option or course of action in any situation
  • Avoid bad decisions that can be costly and difficult to reverse
  • Develop creative, innovative solutions to policy and administrative challenges
  • Reduce the stress that so often accompanies policy and administrative decision-making in the public sector
  • Achieve superior results for yourself, your clients, your customers and your stakeholders by consistently making high quality, defensible decisions
Course Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Approach future decisions with an understanding of what constitutes a high-quality decision
  • Contribute more effectively to your organisation’s capacity to achieve its objectives through higher quality decision-making
  • Improve the quality of your professional and personal decisions by developing your ‘decision fitness’
  • Improve your individual performance and add value to your organisation by consistently making better decisions
What you will receive
  • The equivalent of one full day of engaging, high-quality training that will enable you to begin making better professional and personal decisions immediately
  • A fully referenced, practical, 10,000-word E-Book that can be used to help guide your decision-making well into the future
  • Strategic Decisions and Recommendations Checklist (a highly effective tool when confronted with decisions of critical importance)
  • Certificate of completion
Course Structure
  • Why Develop Your Decision-Making Skills and What is a High-Quality Decision?
  • What’s the Problem? The Centrality and Importance of Framing
  • Achieving Objectives: The Power of Alignment and Critical Action
  • Generating Creative, High-Quality Options
  • Creating a Solid Foundation: The Importance and Value of Good Information
  • Strategic Decision-Making in the Real World: Tips and Tools for Superior Results
Who Should Attend

This course is designed primarily for public sector professionals who are interested in acquiring practical knowledge, skills and tools to make better decisions in their professional and personal lives. It is, however, particularly useful for those who:

  • Work in a management role
  • Write and prepare briefs
  • Provide advice or formulate policy options/recommendations for managers, executives and other senior decision-makers
  • Perform in a project role
  • Undertake project planning
  • Perform in a policy or advisory role
  • Undertake policy analysis and/or strategic planning
  • Successfully deliver project outcomes


Delivery Method
Fully Online, Self Paced

Time Commitment
Approx. 8 hours


Access Period
60 Days

(inc. GST)

Course Facilitator: Dr. Seth Nicholls

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Our Reviews

A must do for public servants

“Brilliant stuff that I will be able to apply to my present role and to the broader strategic plan and objectives of my portfolio, and the broader Tasmania Prison Service, for which I am employed. For me, this course is a must-do for any public sector employee, leadership in particular. I would gladly sit through the sessions again. Thank you Seth!”

-Steven Steffensen, Manager, Industries and Facilities, Department of Justice

Highly engaging

“It was such great training. And hats off for managing the complexity of the online platform and keeping everyone engaged, all day. Very impressive”

-Kylie Smith, Senior Consultant, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Opened our minds

“Nicholls Consulting Services opened our minds to a number of new and novel concepts and different ways of approaching wicked problems”

Brett Smith, CEO, Cradle Coast Authority, Tasmania

Our Reviews

Practical skills and insights

“Thought provoking and inspiring. This course equipped me with practical skills and insights which I have not gained from other programs. I am confident that I will be able to apply this knowledge immediately in my role as an executive reporting to a board”

-Aaron Bawden, Registrar, Victorian Pharmacy Authority

A framework for better decision-making

“This course made me think about my goals and current decision-making processes and the tools provided gave me a good framework to make better decisions both personally and professionally. I’ll definitely be using the checklist”

-Sarah Schultz, Business Manager, Northern Territory Ombudsman’s Office

Immediately Valuable

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and immediately valuable”

-Karen Dillon, Tasmanian Department of Justice

Our Reviews

Brilliantly constructed

“This is an excellent course. It challenges your perception of ideas, situations and possible solutions. Seth takes the group through a brilliantly constructed course to break down your perceptions of issues and then demonstrates the alternative lenses you can use to approach issues in order to make well informed decisions. I highly recommend this course”

-Curtis O’Brien, Industry Engagement Project Officer, Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Fantastic information

“Fantastic course and information and particularly smooth and engaging online delivery”

-Angela Yao, Senior Program Officer, Victorian Department of Education and Training

Consistently the best

“Nicholls Consulting’s decision-making courses are consistently the best in our evaluation measures”

-Alice Wilkin, Manager Research and Evaluation Manager, Institue of Public Administration Australia (Victoria)