Creating a culture of effective decision-making: skills, tools and strategies for public sector managers, executives and team leaders.

Course Overview

Good decision-making is the foundation of organisational success and the only way in which an organisation can maximise the probability achieving its objectives in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Organisations, however, do not make decisions, people do; and the organisational environment in which individuals are situated can profoundly impact upon the quality of those decisions. Managers, executives and team leaders have the ability to shape the environment in which those decisions are made—decisions on which the success of an organisation depends.

This intensive, half-day course provides managers, executives, team leaders and others with a range of high level skills, tools and strategies that will help them to create a culture of effective decision-making—defined as an organisational environment that is conducive to decisions which are consistently and demonstrably aligned with organisational objectives and capabilities and maximise the probability of good outcomes. With an emphasis on practicality, it is designed to equip managers and others with skills, tools and strategies that can be employed immediately to improve the performance of their agency, more effectively utilise the knowledge, skills and experience of their staff and deliver greater public value through better decision-making.

For more information on this program, see course details below. 

The principal facilitator of this course is Dr. Seth Nicholls 


Course Details

Benefits to participants

Individual participants will be equipped with core, high level knowledge and skills that can be used to make superior professional and personal decisions throughout their managerial and executive career.

Benefits to participants' organisation

Participants who go through this course will be provided with best practice, evidence-based skills, tools and strategies that will enable them to actively create a workplace that is likely to produce better decisions.

What participants will receive

✓ A half day of high level, engaging, interactive training that will help them and their agency/department begin making better decisions immediately

✓ A fully referenced, practical, 12,000-word E-Book that can be used to help guide decisions professional and personal decisions well into the future

✓ Checklist for Practical Action – a highly effective tool for those who are regularly confronted with decisions of significant importance

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

✓ Approach future decisions with an understanding of what constitutes a good decision and why

✓ Identify biases that can derail organisational decision-making

✓ Improve the performance of their organisation by creating an environment likely to achieve objectives

✓ Improve their organisation’s capacity to effectively respond to complex organisational and analytical challenges

✓ Improve their personal performance and advance their career by consistently making better decisions

Course Structure
  • What is a high quality decision and how do you know that you’ve made one?
  • Overcoming biases: awareness and organisational decision quality
  • Creating a culture of effective decision-making: leadership
  • Creating a culture of effective decision-making: authenticity
  • Harnessing the power of difference: conflict, diversity and decision quality
Who Should Attend?

This course is for managers, executives, team leaders and others who have the capacity to influence the organisational environment in which decisions are made. This course is also beneficial for those who have recently been promoted to a managerial, executive or other leadership position or those who are likely to be promoted to such a position. Please note that this course is unlikely to be of benefit to junior staff.

3.5 hours

Standard Registration: $195.00 per person
IPAA NT Members: $97.50 per person*

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IPAA NT – Thursday 15 October 2020 (1:00 pm – 4:30 pm ACST)

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