Creating Strategic Decision-Makers: Decision Training for Graduates and Early Career Professionals

Course Overview

This course is designed to render graduates and early career professionals far more valuable to your company by significantly improving their decision fitness. It is also designed to help graduates and early career professionals achieve their individual career goals, by equipping them with a strategic decision framework that can dramatically improve the quality of their day to day decisions, actions and recommendaitions. 

In addition to providing those who go through the program with a world-class, evidence-based framework for high-quality decision-making, this course provides participants with exercises, examples and tools that are both tailored, and specifically designed, to improve the performance of individuals at the graduate/early career stage.

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Course Details

Benefits to participants

Strategic decision-making is something in which very few people are trained. This course provides graduates and early career professionals with the ability to contribute to your company far more effectively by providing them with a core, primary skill that can be used to help them make better professional and personal decisions well into the future.

Benefits to participants' company

Completion of this course will benefit participants’ company by providing them with knowledge, skills and tools which are needed to ensure that their short, medium and longer-term decisions are consistently aligned with your business objectives.

What participants will receive

A full day of engaging, interactive training that will enable them to begin making better professional and personal decisions immediately

✓ A fully referenced, practical, 10,000-word E-Book that can be used to help guide their decision-making well into the future

✓ Strategic Decisions and Recommendations: Process and Checklist – a highly effective tool for those who are regularly confronted with decisions of significant importance

✓ Certificate of attendance

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

✓ Approach future decisions with an understanding of what constitutes a good decision and why

✓ Contribute more effectively to their company’s capacity to achieve its objectives through better framing, more effective use of information, more creative options, and alignment with company values

✓ Improve the quality of their short, medium and long term decisions by developing their ‘decision fitness’

✓ Improve their individual performance and add value to their company by consistently making better decisions.

Course Structure
  • Why Develop Your Decision-Making Skills and What is a High-Quality Decision?
  • What’s the Problem? The Centrality and Importance of Framing
  • Achieving Objectives: The Power of Alignment and Critical Action
  • Generating Creative, High Quality Options
  • Creating a Solid Foundation: The Importance and Value of Good Information
  • Strategic Decision-Making in the Real World: Tips and Tools for Superior Results
Who Should Participate

This course is designed for graduates and others with less than 5 years’ experience in a professional role.

Equivalent 1 Full Day

Basic English

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