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Is Your Organisation Decision Fit? 5 Things Leaders can do to Dramatically Improve Organisational Decision Quality

Dr. Seth Nicholls, Director, Nicholls Consulting Services If decision-making is the only thing over which an organisation ultimately has any control, it follows that improving the quality of those decisions is the primary means by which better organisational performance can be achieved. Below are 5 things that managers, executives and other leaders can do to […]

Is Your Company Culture Affecting its Ability to Make High Quality Decisions?

The corporate environment in which business decisions are made can have a profound effect on the quality of those decisions-decisions on which the success of your company depends. Dr. Seth Nicholls, Director, Nicholls Consulting Services In February 1961, US President John F. Kennedy took the decision to support a foolhardy CIA plan to invade Cuba […]

The Most Important Skill You (and Your Staff) were Never Taught

  To succeed in the 21st Century, individuals, businesses and organisations need to develop the skills that are needed to thrive in a context of complexity and uncertainty. Dr. Seth Nicholls, Director, Nicholls Consulting Services. A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a lively conversation with a highly intelligent colleague when the conversation turned to a topic about which I have thought a great deal […]