Poor quality decisions by government and non-government organisations can be costly, difficult to reverse and have far-reaching consequences for those who are affected by them.

On the other hand, high quality, defensible policy and administrative decisions/recommendations can be expected to maximise the probability of achieving desirable outcomes for departments/agencies, constituents, clients and other stakeholders.

Our public sector decision-making courses are therefore designed to provide you and your staff with a world class, best practice decision-making framework that can be used to improve the quality and defensibility of the decisions/recommendations made by yourself, your department or your agency. 


Strategic decision-making for the public sector professional: knowledge and tools for superior outcomes

Good decision-making is the foundation of individual and organisational success. But what is a good decision and how do you know that you’ve made one? Ultimately, the only thing over which any of us have control are the decisions that we make. And yet, decision-making is something in which few of people are trained.

This course is designed to provide you and your staff with knowledge, skills and tools to make better decisions. As the environment in public sector organisations operate becomes more complex, uncertain and fiscally constrained, the need for individuals and organisations to make good decisions is more important than ever.

Limits on time and resources, however, mean that busy professionals simply do not have time to study the science of decision-making; or investigate the latest, evidence-based research on how to maximise the probability of achieving good outcomes by improving decision quality.

Drawing on insights from the field of Decision Analysis (pioneered at Stanford University), this workshop provides participants with a practical, working knowledge of how to begin making better decisions immediately; knowledge that can be used to improve individual performance and contribute to your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives.


Executive Master Class: Creating a culture of effective decision-making: skills, tools and strategies for public sector managers, executives and team leaders

This course is designed to provide those who have the capacity to influence the organisational environment in which important decisions are made with skills, tools and strategies that can be used to significantly improve organisational decision quality. It is for managers, executives, team leaders and others who are seeking to improve the performance of their organisation and achieve better outcomes for themselves and their clients, customers, stakeholders and others.

Participants who go through this course will be provided with best practice, evidence-based skills, tools and strategies that will enable them to actively create a workplace that is likely to produce better decisions. Individual participants will also be equipped with core, high level knowledge and skills that can be used to make better personal and professional decisions throughout their managerial and executive career.

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